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Aakavs Advantage

We have several Advantages over our competitors.

What we CUT

Based on industry best practices and history, we have chosen to swim upstream and cut down a whole lot of things that are the foundational building blocks of so called "big" consulting houses. May be we do not want to become a big consulting house, or rather "obese" consulting house. Are we insane? At the least, we do not want to become big at your cost. See for yourself what we are cutting. We are still crazy to be proud of these decisions.


We do not believe in fat consulting fees or getting so obese that we lose agility. We believe in corporate values of least possible overheads and getting the job done within budget while maintaining a high quality. We do not charge insane multipliers to our customers to pay for costly hotel/ flight or vacation for our executives. Being agile, we finish projects faster while keeping costs affordable. Our project management practice, competitive consulting rates, and business ethics incorporates fewer footprints, fewer salaries, fewer bills to be paid - this translates to fewer "zeros" at the end of our invoice amounts to you. Get excited!

Talented Gods

We do not care how talented one individual consultant is; the measure of success in our organization is directly proportional to teamwork. We hire people who know how to leverage each other's skills and watch each other's blind spots. We also do not care about "yes men"! We encourage conflicting views with justification in order to solve a problem.


The qualifying questions - Is it important for us or our clients to know? Does it impact project quality or performance? We discount and discourage everything else as unproductive gossip. Our consultants don't engage or encourage in such viles including organizational politics. We enjoy quality time with our colleagues, our customers, our families, and flexible work hours to keep our priorities right!

What we DON'T cut

This brings us to the end of our story so far. If you have got this far, you know enough to start your own low cost consulting practice and make it work. It's no big secret, and it's never been. It's sometimes just a case of some people refusing to accept what's here to stay - Aakavs.


Much as we harp on the need to reduce costs at every possible step, there are few areas we refuse to skimp on. Even if it means we have to spend money from our pocket and realize less profit at the end of the year, we are committed to quality deliverables as per industry standards. We do walk the extra mile when needed to do the right thing. Thus, we have developed long term trustworthy "partnerships" with our customers being vested in their interest, and not just vendors.

We prefer working depth to breadth. We only go after few strategic customers, get vested in their long term interests, and grow with them. We do not typically go after many clients at the same time - decentralized focus can affect quality and we stay away from that.


We have a pool of passionate people who loves to solve problems with creative solutions. Continuous training on technologies and business consulting areas keep them up to date. Creativity is also fostered by the varied amounts and types of projects we do on different platforms and technologies to solve a variety of problems.


We take all required safety measures while working with our customers and deliver reliable solutions. Our responsibility and accountability allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget. Our customers hire us again and again as we promise repeatable, reliable, and predictable quality deliverables.

"Our commitment to deliver quality projects on time and within budget is unparalled. And we dare to do that at very affordable costs."