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David Evans and Associates, OR

DEA hired us to design and develop their internal enterprise GIS environment including consulting for ArcGIS Server and deploying GIS based portals. Eventually, the plan is to roll out field mobile apps on phones and tablets to do the routine field work that DEA does e.g. surveys, inspections etc. We conducted interviews and workshops to understand the depth and breadth of GIS usage and requirements within the organization, and developed high level specifications and phased implementation plan. We also recommended the level of ArcGIS server required to serve the enterprise and the growth path. The future step will be to implement the enterprise GIS environment and build GIS based portals. DEA also expressed interest in using our IT and GIS services to address their clients so that they can provide total solutions to their customers.

City of Issaquah, WA

We have been engaged with the City of Issaquah, WA, in this multi-year multi-phase strategic enterprise IT and GIS systems development and integration project including strategic planning, assessment of IT efficiencies and deficiencies, COTS software survey and recommendations, enterprise asset management (EAM), website development, etc. All specialized software and systems in each department including Development Services, Engineering, Public Works, Finance, Parks, Natural Resource and Sustainability, Police, HR, Sustainability, Physical Security, including Cameras, Communications, Mayor's Office, etc., were evaluated for enhancements or replacements. Since Inception phase study and assessment/ planning reports in 2012, we have built a lot of financial applications, websites, records and document management applications, mobile employee time card system, and mobile EAM applications for the City. All these software and systems were planned to leverage the common enterprise IT architecture for integration and communication. Currently, we are in the fourth phase implementing a cutting-edge mobile asset management (EAM) app based on phones and tablets for the public works department. This mobile app has a desktop version also to be used by office staff. Various departments beyond the public works will also use the mobile EAM app for operations and maintenance of facilities and assets across the City.

City of Port Angeles, WA

Our team led this enterprise IT, GIS and asset management program and all the multiple projects inside the program at the City of Port Angeles, WA, including data and geodatabase development, GIS-based operations and management dashboard development, and enterprise asset management (EAM) implementation. We conducted the GIS and IT infrastructure study and assessment, departmental business processes analysis, development of enterprise GIS architecture, needs evaluation for each City department, and enterprise IT architecture design. Weaknesses and gaps were identified and appropriate COTS software solutions were recommended and implemented. The custom developed operations and management dashboards are used to monitor the City's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding asset management and real time data feed from SCADA systems. We also developed the first ever waste water treatment plant geodatabase model that was later shared with ESRI for the benefit of the GIS user community.

County of Alameda, CA

Our team worked with the County of Alameda, CA, for almost a decade and led a number of complex and resource intensive IT and GIS (ESRI) programs and initiatives within the county comprised of individual departmental projects and countywide enterprise efforts. We performed multiple enterprise IT and GIS projects including custom application development, COTS evaluation, acquisition, implementation and integration in various departments e.g. Surveying, Engineering, Public Works, Registrar of Voters, Assessor, Department of Health, Fire. Each project presented its own challenges in terms of complexity, competing user/departmental priorities, variety of user needs and personalities, functional and technical specifications, overarching strategies, business process definitions and deployment scenarios. Strategic planning, business process analysis, enterprise IT-GIS architecture designs, GIS data development to streamlining business processes, GIS data conversion, mission-critical application development, COTS systems evaluation, acquisition and integration, document management system integration - we led and managed all kinds of projects for the County.

Puget Sound Regional Council, WA

We advised Puget Sound Regional Council, WA, PSRC on statewide asset management program to better manage Washington State's roadways, pavements and bridges. PSRC serves as the region's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and conducts all long term transportation planning activities in collaboration with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and federal funding programs/ agencies. We performed extensive interviews within PSRC and other participating agencies - cities and counties of Washington State, transportation agencies like Sound Transit, other MPOs from San Francisco, Denver, Michigan, Reno etc. - to understand the objectives, processes and goals of such asset management and conditions assessment initiative. We collected information on pavements and bridges conditions data collection methods, analysis methods, planning and reporting components, and how the program interact with other state and federal programs e.g. Map 21 initiatives, 2020 and 2040 plans etc. High level needs were identified that helped develop the systems and functionality matrix. In the next step, we used the matrix and performed a detail survey on COTS systems and solutions available in the market including what other peer level MPOs are using. A comprehensive survey report was developed with identified COTS software and recommendations. We also helped PSRC build final presentations to present the project information and COTS recommendations to the board and other key stakeholders.

King County Water District #90, WA

We finished the "inception" phase of this enterprise IT/ GIS project with King County Water District #90 (KCWD90). The overarching goal was to understand and document business processes and workflows based on which GIS and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems will be identified. A detail implementation plan with tasks, budget, schedule, and resource loading (both internal district resources and external consulting resources) was developed. Based on findings, open source GIS is being considered by the District to perform their regular data work. In addition, the District is considering engaging us to develop and implement mobile based EAM app for conducting their asset and facilities maintenance and management activities.

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