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GIS Services

We provide Total GIS solutions.

GIS Application Development

Our platform and vendor independent approach allows us to use cutting-edge technologies to develop enterprise GIS applications grounds up or extend existing systems. We provide both desktop and web based GIS application development services. Though we are standardized on ESRI platform, we develop applications on other platforms and software as well e.g. Autodesk, Intergraph, Microsoft, Google, MapInfo platforms etc. Our developers are experienced in Internet/Intranet, web services, interface designs, legacy technologies for migration (AML, Avenue, Map Objects etc), Visual Basic, .NET, Java, C#/ C++, SQL Server and Oracle, and have delivered crucial systems worldwide. We also develop time-critical applications that integrate with real time systems for decision support. Depending on the need, we program at various levels to ensure secure access of federated geodatabase, application pool, and web services. We also build GIS based dashboards, and operations & management dashboards that consume GIS services and data along with other IT services (internal and external) that your business may need.

We provide an internationally exposed team of professionals who fully understand your enterprise GIS needs from the requirements analysis through delivery and implementation. We focus on creating cutting-edge web-based solutions that are load-balanced, powerful, extendable, and scalable. Our application development services include:

  • Needs and Requirements Analysis
  • Specifications Development
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design
  • User Expereince (Ux) Design
  • Application Design, Development, Testing - desktop, web, mobile
  • Performance, Scalability, Load Balancing
  • Application Performance Matrix Development
  • Cloud and non-cloud Deployments
  • Deployment and Implementation Support
  • Technical Support
  • Post Implementation Support - e.g. contracted, ad hoc, on call

"Web and mobile based GIS applications development is something we do every day."