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GIS Services

We provide Total GIS solutions.

Enterprise GIS Architecture Design

Integrating GIS with your other business critical and third party systems is crucial for large organizations to increase efficiency and eliminate or minimize redundancy. Part of this systems integration is also focused on breaking down information "silos" and integrating various systems on a M2M level within the enterprise. Our platform and vendor independent approach allows us to use cutting-edge technologies to develop and deliver industry standard solutions. Our consultants have extensive expertise in designing enterprise GIS/ IT architectures and integrating stand-alone "silo" solutions to leverage appropriate systems, data and resources spread across the organization. According to the application specifications and user/ usage requirements, we also provide server and hardware sizing recommendations following the GIS systems architecture guidelines developed by ESRI.

"Conceptualizing and building an enterpise architecture is the first step to take GIS to the next step in your organization. We pioneer this process."