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Enterprise Asset Management

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) has now become a necessity rather than a luxury for smooth routine operations in various industry verticals in both public and private sectors. EAM allows for the tracking of distinctive information pertaining to individual infrastructure assets such as streets, sewer systems, potable water, storm water, water/ waste water treatment plants, fire hydrants, lights, signs, bridges, pavement, facilities, factories, buildings and more. EAM can also be utilized to respond to emergencies. For example, a Main Break can be readily aided by such systems. Collecting, measuring, analyzing, and reporting data during such an emergency usually affects several assets and resources from different departments. A GIS based tightly integrated EAM facilitates proper coordination, control and reporting efforts. Potentially, EAM can also be extended to permitting and code enforcement systems.

We have our own mobile and cloud based geospatial EAM product called AKTIVOV facilitating Total Asset Management. Our consultants also have extensive experience in various types of other EAM implementations including the integration with enterprise GIS and other third party systems e.g. financial systems, billing systems, or other planning systems. Our platform independent approach allows us to use the best-of-breed technologies to develop solutions grounds up or scale up existing systems to suit the client's business and operational needs. We have extensive experience and insights to handhold a customer right from the needs assessment to selection of suitable EAM product(s) to implementation and training. Some of the areas where we have implemented various EAM solutions are as follows:

  • Streets and Transportation
  • Electrical and Gas Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Civil and Architecture Constructions
  • Potable Water
  • Storm Water
  • Waste Water/ Sewer
  • Parks & Landscape
  • Golf Courses
  • Permits
  • Licensing
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Mobile Applications

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