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GIS Services

We provide Total GIS solutions.

Legacy GIS Data and Applications

Our consulting team provides an array of legacy data migration and data conversion services, including data interoperability. The legacy sources could be a combination of paper maps, archived "Mylars", topo maps, CAD drawings, satellite or aerial imagery, or even hand written notes and drawings stored in file cabinets. From paper maps to scanned "Mylars" to digital maps - our key strength is to convert large volumes of data to digital format with quick turn-around times. Digital vectorization is a key services area for us to develop digital data from non-digital or raster sources. Legacy data migration path and techniques, depending on the target and source systems and formats (interoperability) is another major area of focus for our data consulting team.

We also have extensive experience in migrating your legacy GIS applications e.g. ArcIMS applications to the latest technology e.g. ArcGIS Server. We also develop newer applications based on Google or Bing maps. HTML5 and Javascript, and other latest web and mobile mapping platforms in GIS.

Our ability to manage complex data and application migration that require creation of data and applications from multiple sources of varying scales, vintages, and quality provides us unparalleled competitive advantage. We provide the following data conversion services:

  • Migration - We help you plan, migrate and deploy data from old legacy systems to new cutting-edge technologies.
  • Interoperability - We provide migration or just data conversion services into your preferred target formats from legacy or existing source formats.
  • Scanning - Any size, including large format scanners are utilized to provide various kinds of scan outputs - binary, grayscale, or full color on your preferred media.
  • Vectorization - Data conversion services in digital format from any non-digital media e.g. paper copy, scanned copy etc. We provide the delivery in your preferred format e.g. enterprise geodatabase, file geodatabase or simple GIS layers.

As an added value to the conversion services, we also provide the following services to suit customer specific needs:

  • Migration techniques and assistance from legacy systems
  • Digital data production from hardcopy or rasters
  • Metadata development
  • Scanned maps production from hardcopy
  • Data interoperability formats (includes CAD, GIS and various other formats)
  • Rubbersheeting
  • QA/QC for newly created or migrated data
  • Automated QA/QC and delivery checking routines for accuracy and completeness

"We are experts in migrating data from your legacy systems to the state of the art systems."