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GIS Services

We provide Total GIS solutions.

Cadastral GIS Mapping and Surveying

Our consulting team portrays extensive experience in civil engineering and surveying, which have enabled us to deliver high quality and accurate cadastral map production based on COGO and ESRI's Survey Analyst (fabrics as layers) model. We tie GPS information (e.g. RTK) with the cadastral fabric and use appropriate software for least square calculations for fabric adjustments. The changes on the cadastral layer can be maintained over time, and the dependent or related layers can be automatically adjusted as the cadastral layer changes from re-surveying are incorporated.

We also provide survey mapping, drawing, and engineering calculations services based on Autodesk's surveying software and Civil 3D.

We do not conduct surveys on the ground or any other "ground-truth"-ing activities yet. But we have some partners who do that. We post process the survey data and deliver data analytics and results according to your project needs and specifications.

"We provide survey grade GIS data and maps."