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GIS Hardware and System Sizing

It is imperative that the hardware infrastructure needs to be designed correctly for efficient and productive GIS system access and usage. Our consultants are very proficient in sizing your hardware appropriately for your GIS enterprise based on the types of GIS applications and data, user peak load, and usage pattern. We mostly follow ESRI's guidelines and processess to size individual GIS enterprise system hardware. We also bring in our real life past experience from other clientele to customize the system sizing unique for your purpose.

Our GIS Hardware system sizing approach will address the following at the minimum:

  • Load capacity to serve all internal and external users
  • Scalability to include increased user load in the future
  • Load balancing within the system infrastructure
  • High availability of applicaiton, data and web services etc.
  • Server firm architecture design
  • Fault Tolerance to avoid interruption of services
  • LAN, WAN, Mobile - remote vs. onsite user load
  • Available Network Bandwidth

"The first step to enterprise GIS architecture design is hardware and network sizing and design to support user and data loads. We excel at this process, and can help you build your GIS enterprise."